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Japanese asset manager Kuni Umi visits COS Capital to explore cooperation in China-Japan opportunities

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On November 6th, 2019, Mr. Yasuyo Yamazaki, the founder and President of Kuni Umi Asset Management (KUAM), and Mr. Tao Wu, the President of COS Capital, met at the COS Capital headquarters in Beijing. Mr. Yuan Li and Ms. Fang Wang, Managing Directors of KUAM, Mr. Qiang Zhou, Director at KUAM and Mr. Tao Jiang, Mr. Yongjian Cong, Mr. Zhuo Zhang, Managing Directors at COS Capital, also attended the meeting.

Senior executives of both companies conducted in-depth discussions on topics including the China-Japan economic outlook, the “New Normal” of China’s economy as well as equity and debt investment opportunities in China and Japan’s real estate markets. Mr. Yamazaki highly praised COS Capital’s track record and recognized the company’s business model and strategy. Mr. Yamazaki also expressed strong hope to cooperate with COS Capital to further explore real estate private equity investment opportunities in both countries

About Kuni Umi Asset Management

Kuni Umi Asset Management (KUAM), established in 2012, was founded by Mr. Yasuyo Yamazaki and focuses on infrastructure, renewable energy development, regional development, real estate and consulting business. KUAM successfully developed Japan largest mega solar power plant in Setouchi City, and currently is actively participating in financial area, international economics, and government and political affairs. 

Mr. Yasuyo Yamazaki, entrepreneur, economist, and publicist, is the former advisor to Japan’s ministry of internal affairs and communications (MIC), president of Sun-based Economy Association and the former general partner of Goldman Sachs. Mr. Yamazaki launched Goldman Sachs Asset Management Japan (GSAM Japan) in 1994 and was selected as the president and CEO. At GSAM Japan, he led the company to become the top non-Japanese asset management company in Japan. Besides, Mr. Yamazaki led the Japan pension fund reform project and offered suggestion on financial and economic area to government during his consultant life in MIC.