COS Capital held investment strategy conference 2018 in Beijing

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In the morning session, senior managers of COS Capital shared with the audiences the investment strategy and a series of fund products in 2018. This year, the domestic structure financing business will mainly focus on the asset acquisition and off-balance-sheet arrangement of existing assets with the top 50 domestic developers, and will also seize the NPL opportunities in China to carry out asset reposition and enhance the realization of value creation. Besides, the innovative and standardized supply chain financing products conform to the national policy orientation and gradually become a new capital source for real estate enterprises. Realwin provided financing services to quality customers in the supply chain network, relying on standardized, large-scale products and Fintech information systems to support the real economy and empower the ecosystem. Overseas businesses will focus on issuing high-yield bonds in Hong Kong and launch products favored by investors in Europe, the United States and Australia.